May 16th, 2012

daily outfit: the “somewhat nautical" edition.

it’s no secret that i love a good printed tee & slimming jeans combo.

insert an uber-comfortable Wildfox Couture tee, flared Gap jeans, & Joe’s wedges & you’ve got a pretty decent outfit:

top it off with some curl-wand-ed hair & a seer sucker hair bow & you’ve got a pretty decent all-around day!

March 20th, 2012

daily outfit: the “sleepy decisions" edition.

somehow, even in my sleepy state of mind this morning,

i managed to pull together a Wildfox couture coral-toned, spotted tee,

an LNA black layering tank,

Express cobalt blue denim jeans,

& grey herringbone with neon accent Toms.

surprisingly, i’m feeling pretty good about it all.

how bout that for a sassy start to this Tuesday?

August 27th, 2010

things that bring me simplepleasure: wildfox couture ultra-lovely tees

once i spotted Victoria Beckham's covershot for Glamour, I began lusting and collecting quite a nice heap assortment of Wildfox tees

because of the hefty pricetags, i have taken advantage of e-baying it up.. or searching for online discount codes through sites like…why pay full price if you don’t have to!

anyway, i am in love.  these hang-just-right tops are comfortable, lightweight, soft, effortless and have become a staple in my daily and nightly wardrobe.

my faves:**

#1 “I’m allergic to mornings” : oh, the irony!  i am definitely a morning person but the off the shoulder design of this shirt.. just right.

#2 “Sunshine makes me high”: it totally does.  days without sun ruin my mood, cause me to be cranky, and take away from my natural high.. usually attributed to too much diet coke.

#3 “I dream of Ice Cream” : if i can’t be eating it around the clock, why not display it on the front of a shirt, right?  this has definitely been over-worn this summer.. but totally worth it.

**my expressions in these pictures do not depict how much i really like these!!!.. #1 was literally taken after 9 hours of blissful sleep…#2 out to run errands some day when it  was 9120312 degrees outside.. and #3.. well, that was this week.. by Wednesday, I was already needing the weekend, STAT!

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