October 16th, 2013

Saturday night, Mama & i headed to the water to watch the sunset.

the temperature dropped & my thoughts climbed as i watched a sailboat in the distance & a couple kayakers grab hold of the tide.

the calm of the ripples & the sound of the water hitting the rocks carried me tranquilly away.

the past two months have been an absolute whirlwind of the greatest proportion—

i’ve celebrated marriages, baby announcements, job opportunities, kick-offs & little victories, every day.

i’ve documented my days, i’ve let go when it comes to caring so much about things i cannot change, & i’ve let life happen without attempting to plan every miniscule move.

all of my thoughts swelled up as i sat on a rock in California— a place that, even being 20+ years removed, still felt very much like home.

Mama sent me this picture when we returned to the hotel, “you looked so deep in thought,"she wrote…

there’s no denying, i was.

i needed to sit with my thoughts in an effort to breathe in the present.

regardless of the good, the bad, & the unfortunate, the last two months have reminded me that somehow, things can work out better than ever before.

sometimes, it takes a whirlwind to reinforce your character.

& on that rock overlooking the Pacific, i was thankful for that peaceful, powerful reminder.

January 24th, 2013

this morning’s commute was very golden & very pretty- the best kind of early morning commute.

i’ve learned to appreciate a gorgeous sunrise,

but nothing, truly nothing will ever compare to a sunset in the corn. 

January 17th, 2013

sometimes, life isn’t all perky, all the time.

sometimes, you fail,

sometimes, things break,

sometimes, people disappoint,

& sometimes, the unexpected happens.

but the great thing about it all,

or perhaps the way i’m trying to reason with every failure, break, & disappointment,

is that around the corner (figuratively & literally), 

there are moments that amaze, that surprise, that take your breath away.

those are the moments that should matter, that we should all cling to when the other stuff isn’t so great.

yesterday, the latter occurred when i left work.



i simply walked into the parking lot & looked up-

a pink painted sky with a golden delicious sun setting in the distance,

& a feeling of happiness that i was able to experience it all.

(Source: instagram.com)

February 8th, 2012

taken one year ago on a flight from indianapolis to kansas city-

all i wanted was a sign that much happier times were ahead.

& as i peered out my slit of a window,

i immediately felt hopeful in the future

(a feeling that was very much hit & miss during that time).

flying back to kansas meant i was leaving a not-quite-recovered patient behind,

but it also meant i was a couple months away from graduation.

during the two-hour flight out west,

i was thankful for the goodness that was delivered through light,

for the beauty of the clouds floating below,

& for the bright, bright sun…

i will never tire of the sun.

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