February 14th, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day

i hope your day is filled with anything & everything lovely-

sweet chocolate, pink lipstick, beautiful flowers, a friendly barista, an old-school love letter, a treat yo’ self gift, a surprise package, a smile from a stranger, eye/arm candy, the debut of a new outfit, a sequin hair bow, puppy kisses, time with loved ones, delicious take-out, a tear-inducing rom com, a marriage proposal, fun-size candy, an extravagant date, a first kiss, &/or wine- always wine.

big smooches to you all!

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October 10th, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, the friendly barista asked for my drink order & then promptly asked for my name.

That’s pretty.” she said, “Is that short from Brooklyn?

Nope, just Brooke,” I replied.

I like it.” she remarked as she poured my grande Blonde.

When I was little, I always wanted a different name-something with more syllables like Jessica or Amanda, I’m not really sure why…

She gave me a look of kindness, agreed with my remarks, handed me my paper cup & commented, “Isn’t that part of the fun of being a child? Always dreaming for something better & more exciting?

After adding a packet of raw sugar and a healthy portion of skim milk, I couldn’t shake the thoughts that flowed as I walked out their swinging glass doors.

Who knew a quick conversation with a stranger-friend could leave you reflecting on life, on what you once wanted, what you currently have, what you still dream of achieving, & what names you’ll give your someday children that they’ll learn to appreciate much like you did your own?

Truth be told, if you could see the number of places in various locations where I once scribbled my name with Crayola’s prettiest colored crayons, you would never guess that I was once dissatisfied with my given name.

& Lord knows, I am more obsessed with the letter B than ever before, but it’s the deeper root of the issue- the yearning for excitement & change & finally being open to unexpected possibilities- that’s the good stuff that I never want to change…

That’s the lesson I wish I would have picked up as a child- stop the planning, stop the wanting of what is never going to be rightfully yours, & live a life that exceeds your expectations yet leaves open the possibility of unplanned greatness. 

Instead, it’s where I’m at today…& for me, that’s a-okay.

June 4th, 2012

in my dream world,

if any paparazzi would happen to appear while i’m out on an iced coffee run,

i can only hope to look this cool.

stripes, shades, & stuart weitzman’s, too.

May 10th, 2012

In honor of the Brooke’s Nooks grand reveal, I’ve decided to do a week of giveaways!!!

Day Four: a $15 gift card to STARBUCKS!!!

my love for coffee (& Starbucks, in particular) knows no bounds.

when i was in Nebraska for undergrad, 

the closest Starbucks was in the next town over… i faithfully made the trek.

when i was in Kansas for graduate school,

the Starbucks in Aggieville became my second home & those baristas became my people.

i can remember the first time i walked into a Bucky’s & ordered a “medium non-fat vanilla latte,”

oh, the days of “simple” ordering.

now, my everyday vernacular includes words like grande, skinny, two pumps, light foam, extra whip, &/or extra hot.

i have dedicated past posts to my experiences at Starbucks

i have written an ode about my adoration for their atmosphere,

& i have finally admitted my addiction to those delightful Christmas cups.

for my mad appreciation for caffeine-infused beverages 

& for my desire to feed your own seven-word drink addictions,

i present to you, 

another gift card giveaway to one of my favorite establishments, Starbucks.

How to Enter:  (you only need to enter once!)

  • Tweet about it: use the Hashtag #BrookesNooksDay4 -Please spread the giveaway love with all of your followers!
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  • Comment via the Disqus platform
  • ***please note: one entry (tweet, reblog, comment) per person. You have until Midnight on Friday (May 11th) to enter. Winner will be chosen at random. Winner will be announced Saturday (May 12th).Good Luck!!!
(Update: Congratulations, Amanda! I hope this helps get you through that Statistic class this summer.. email me BrookesNooks@gmail.com!)
November 8th, 2011

simple pleasure of the day: Starbucks for Keurig.

as a girl who enjoys her quick & easy caffeine fix, 

i was more than pumped to receive an email from Buck’s announcing their grande news.

it doesn’t take a lot to excite me,

so you can only imagine my squeal of happiness knowing i’ll have another excuse to indulge in a morning/afternoon/evening cup of joe.


((warning: the individual k-cups cost about as much as a tall cup in-store!))

July 21st, 2011
You two stay beautiful.
the barista’s send-off tonight at Starbucks. though I tell Mama J on a daily basis that she is oh, so gorgeous, I’m glad the charming man handling our late-night espresso orders could take notice, as well. (& let’s be honest, i drove away with pretty blushing cheeks, too!)
July 15th, 2011

this is a tasty Friday morning. (Taken with instagram)

May 16th, 2011

before i left the land of corn, i took a little time to stop in & say good-bye to my favorite barista.

a barista who said hello to me, by name, each & every visit.

a barista who was concerned with my day-to-day life.

a barista who would day-dream with me about life post-grad school.

a barista who attempted to be my personal matchmaker.

a barista who took genuine interest in my current course-work as she was debating whether or not to go back to school for an english degree.

a barista who made the perfect skinny caramel latte.

a barista who made me feel like i belonged with each & every visit.

i know there will be others out there like her,

but this little lady sure made my life a lot more pleasant with each & every visit.

March 10th, 2011

in which i admit i was entertainingly embarrassed at the starbucks drive-thru window in bullet form:

  • i arrived at starbuck’s before the 2 o’clock mark, was told to come back.
  • went to campus, sat through class while daydreaming about the most perfect venti decaf skinny vanilla latte and petite lemon bar i could conjure up.
  • after getting out of class five minutes late, i proceeded to speed walk like an olympian across campus.
  • back to starbucks, “free petite lemon bar, please
  • haven’t seen you in a while,” she remarks.
  • don’t worry, this will be my second home again as soon as i’m back from spring break" i say.
  • here’s your lemon bar, we’ll have your drink right out, bud!"  (yes, bud.)
  • i patiently wait and wait as any good girl should and that’s when it happens.
  • i overhear her say overtly nice things about me…
  • her name is brooke… she’s ______ & _____"  (!!!)
  • i sit there blushing.
  • their window flies open.
  • i’m caught off guard.
  • the girl is replaced with a handsome barista boy.
  • i say “HI!!!" with waaaay too much emphasis.
  • i spend the drive home thinking “maybe the starbucks barista should be my match-maker more often”!

i would be lying if i said this wasn’t the highlight of my day.

((it doesn’t take much)).

March 8th, 2011

coming soon.

so lovely.

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