September 25th, 2014

as previously mentioned, Pat McAfee is our Fuel Up to Play 60 player for the next two years.

As a fan of the Colts and a huge fan of the #Boomstick, every time I get to see this guy, I am thrilled.

Tuesday night was event night.

With over 400 people in attendance, McAfee easily stole the attention of those both young & old(er).

He stayed way over his contracted time to finish off autographs, pictures, and videos with the crowd, and even made my mother’s night by signing a past picture of her baby girl with the best punter in the league.

It was a great night and we are so fortunate to have a class-act Colt on our side.

September 17th, 2014

Saturday night, we returned to my mama’s alma mater to watch our beloved Huskers dominate the turf.

Joined by our closest friends, we sweated our way through tail gate & the first half (102 degrees is steamy, y’all) before cheering on our boys from the air conditioned home.

being back in a city that means so much us was a blast, and being able to cheer on our corn-fed team was the sweet cherry on top.

September 16th, 2014

on Friday, we surprised my guy with a lunch overlooking the 18th green at Pebble Beach.

for a guy who absolutely loves golf, Pebble Beach is the mecca of all meccas, and to me, there are few things that feel as good as surprising someone with an experience they’ll [hopefully] never forget.

September 16th, 2014

Alcatraz is equally as cool & creepy as I remembered it to be.

Last Thursday, we boarded a ferry to the island and spent the following two hours on a tour of the site.

Listening to the voices of past wardens while peeking inside cells that once held prisoners on the most wanted list resulted in chills & little talking.

I’m not sure why I thought walking into the solitary confinement cell would be a good idea, but I did, and I don’t think I’d do it again.

Thank goodness it was a beautiful morning in San Francisco — it made the unsettling feeling a little more tolerable.

September 1st, 2014

this guy decided we needed to get away for a couple days,

so off to the lake we went.

here lately, there are moments when I wholeheartedly agree that I need to be more spontaneous,

& nothing reminds me of that more than when I’m along for the ride with him.

August 29th, 2014

'tis the season to make school visits and promote Fuel Up to Play 60 across the state.

driving down country roads to schools so often overlooked is by far one of my favorites reasons to escape my office desk.

yesterday was no different.

as i headed up to Attica, a rural town north of Turkey Run State Park, i took advantage of the opportunity to keep my phone on silent while various pop princesses played in my car.

yesterday’s visit marked my third in the last year, yet it was the first time i took the time to drive down their main street.

there’s something about small town charm that easily woos me over, and Attica definitely did it up right with their mural, street lamps, and local businesses.

three hours in the car for thirty minutes of an advisor’s time was worth it… if only i would’ve been able to stay for the advertised buttermilk pancakes and classic fried chicken.

until next time…

August 17th, 2014

in an effort to get back on my fitness game, i’ve been taking my cruiser out for night rides.

just as the sun sets, i turn to head home.

i realize, to some outsiders, Indiana doesn’t always have the best reputation,

but i gotta say,

it’s hard not to appreciate the beauty found outside of the city.


August 5th, 2014

this little girl’s boyfriend (my father) is currently in brazil.

while he’s away, she spends her free time (that typically following him around the house) soaking up all the vitamin d she can find.

such an ornery girl.

August 5th, 2014

if there’s one thing i’ll never take for granted, it’s the fact that i live in this city.

(picture taken last week while handing out milk to those donating can goods for Elanco’s hunger campaign)

August 1st, 2014

a couple days ago, there was a box waiting to be opened on my front porch.

the box read “Bouqs” & i knew immediately what i’d find inside: a beautiful bouquet.

in short, Bouqs didn’t disappoint.

i split the packaged flowers into 3 different vases, fed them their flower food & immediately transformed my house into a bright & happy environment with each vase i placed.

there are currently 28 pink roses displayed in my living room & i couldn’t be more happy about it.

a month ago, I had never heard of Bouqs, and now, I can’t stop raving about them.

these flowers are so pretty & so fresh, i really can’t get enough!

if you’re interested in order a bouquet from Bouqs, click here & use the code: BOUQLOVE for 10% off your first order!

enjoy the beauty! you deserve it!

(disclaimer: Bouqs sent me flowers in exchange for a review—though i did have to pay shipping & handling which seemed a little odd. However, opinions of their overall amazingness are my own!)

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