February 13th, 2014

layers on layers.

February 4th, 2014

daily outfit: the “dressed up Lulu" edition.

tonight’s forecast calls for another 7-12” of snow, & while it sounds like i’ll be hibernating in the very near future, apparently my mind thinks that means right now.

i wanted nothing more this morning than to wear my more comfortable get-up to the office.

thank goodness, i kind of did.

thanks to Lululemon, a cashmere drapey vest, stretchy skinnies & my go-to Edelmans, this is about as comfortable as “business casual” can get.

October 18th, 2013

daily outfit: the “school visit” edition.

today, i will visit my 3rd school this week.

even having lived in indiana for 20 years, there are so many small towns & schools i have never visited, nor heard of before this week.

it’s nice to get out of the office, especially on a Friday afternoon, to witness schools successfully promoting physical activity & healthy eating.

it makes me happy to watch little kiddos running around, trying new foods, smiling & playing in the name of our organization.

i always knew i wanted a non-traditional job (in the sense that i’ve never seen myself as a corporate suit person), & this time of year, i am more than happy to get out on the road, take in the autumn scenery, & gather success stories of Hoosier schools all over the state.

after all, #winnersdrinkmilk!

October 4th, 2013

daily outfit: the “casual friday for the win" edition.

i almost forgot i could wear jeans to the office—thank goodness i remembered.

i have a feeling this top will make many appearances this fall/winter, & my love affair continues with these flats.

happy friday, indeed.

July 13th, 2013

daily outfit: the “bro #1’s birthday brunch" edition

there are many reasons I love bro #1— one of my favorite is that he goes along with the plans set forth by the rest of us in the fam dam.

on a day he’d prefer sleeping in & relaxing at his own pace, we make brunch plans in order to start his day with a Brooke & Mama led “Happy Birthday” song & dance (emphasis on dance).

Happy, Happy Birthday Bro #1…I’m wearing my favorite lululemon in your honor.

you’re welcome.
your favorite [& only] little sister.

July 2nd, 2013

daily outfit: the “productive morning" edition

i set my alarm for 7 am with one goal in mind,

get out of bed, run like the wind, & head to my parentals before the breakfast hour(s) concluded.

(that’s the thing about being unemployed, at least for me, i set daily goals in order to stay sane)

even if the daily goal is as trivial as an early morning sweat session followed by sipping coffee & devouring a slice of cinnamon streusel toast…

why the heck not?

so, i woke up, i got in 8 miles, i showered, i left my hair naturally fro-ey, & i arrived just in time.

these day are about making the most of them—

it’s not even noon & i know this one’s gonna be alright.

May 22nd, 2013

daily outfit: the “sometimes 8 hours just isn’t enough" edition.

yesterday was for 6.75 miles at 5 a.mfollowed by a 10 hour work day followed by a strenuous hour of Pure Barre.

i’m not sure when i decided that my muscles could handle so much activity, but needless to say, they were tuckered & i was in bed by 10:15 last night.

for me, 10:15 is earrrrly.

even so, when my alarm sounded at 6:20 this morning, i knew 8 hours of beauty sleep wasn’t going to be enough to fully recover…

but you know what helps in the recovery effort?

Toms, Lululemon, Joe’s ponte pants & 3rd day hair….oh, & a large coffee.

May 7th, 2013

daily outfit: the “sometimes i wear Lululemon to the office" edition.

this was my Monday morning outfit & should alternatively be titled, “objects in this mirror appear thinner than in real life” <—my thighs are not that thin, trust!

anyway, due to some faulty sunscreen application over the weekend, i’m dealing with a little tenderness on the upper half of my body.

for this reason alone, i think wearing the comfort of lululemon is quite justifiable.

add in some skinnies, boots & a jacket…boom!

it’ll happen again, i’m sure. there’s a justification for everything—regardless of sun exposure.

March 26th, 2013

the nice thing about your father gifting your mother with birthday clothing from Lululemon?

there’s bound to be at least one thing that will need to be exchanged/returned/swapped, etc.

& guess who happens to be the best at riding along to make sure one of those things happens?

this girl with the way too enthusiastic thumb up. 

because, chances are, your loving mother will see something that “looks like something you’d wear” & she’ll insist on purchasing it…

case in point: hellllllllo new jacket.

& while we’re discussing new jackets, i fully support the work from home attire worn above: hair on top of the ole noggin’, no make-up, oversized glasses, zip-up jacket, wunder unders & eskimo-endorsed Uggs.

although i’m back in the office today, yesterday was a much appreciated work-from-home day & post-workout, this was my outfit of choice.

March 14th, 2013

hey girl, hey.

today’s outfit is brought to you by an early morning, last minute packing, a drive thru Dunkin to pick up flavored coffee (me) & a donut (my CEO), 4 hours of work (& the good news I was hoping for(!!!)), Chick-fil-a, & currently, a 9 hour drive West.

thank goodness for a tech-casual work place, Uggs, Wunder Unders, Splendid tunics, & high ponies!

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