February 23rd, 2012

this collection of feisty footwear is one of my many favorite things,

& the following poem tells the tale of the happiness they bring.

each & every day, i slip on a pair of lovely shoes,

& i often use a guessing game when i just cannot choose.

i have sparkly Jimmy Choos that glitter like the sunshine,

& ruffled Burberry sandals that guarantee a fun time.

the ole trusty Chucks that have taken quite the beating,

& the red-soled Louboutins that are just perfect for a meeting.

i’ve got Stuart Weitzman wedges first spotted on J. Aniston,

& even the two-tone Chanel pumps that i wish i could say i won.

there are even some anniversary Gucci’s that are taking up some room,

& my beloved Manolo Blahniks that still make me swoon.

I’ve got some leopard, some suede, & even a nice leather,

basically, i’ve got it covered so i don’t fret over the weather.

my most recent purchase may be a contender for the fanciest of shoes,

it goes by the name of Tod & did i mention they’re royal blue?

I keep adding to the collection with each unpredictable mood swing,

there’s always a great sale out there, who knows what tomorrow’s purchase may bring!

December 13th, 2010

if ever there were some shoes that could adequately describe my glee,

i would choose these sparkly louboutin heels, they’re just perfect for me!

and why, oh why am i so elated, you ask?

i will tell you, really, it’s not a big task!

i’m not engaged or preggers or even turning another year old,

but in my irrationally stressed-out state of mind..or, so i’ve been told…

today marks the day i will turn in my FINAL paper of the year,

a feat i wasn’t sure i’d complete, but definitely deserves some cheer!!!

there have been countless pages read and so many papers written,

through the four long months, i’m surprised that i’m still smitten;

not smitten about school per-say, but with the merriment this time of year,

i’m always making time to appreciate the finer things in life..and an occasional beer!

thanks for all the good luck messages, notes, emails, texts, and calls,

without the support, i probably would’ve rolled up in bed into a medium-sized ball!

and last but not least, to mr. louboutin, the creator of such breath-taking shoes…

you give me a goal to work towards.. in the most awe-inspiring and captivating hues.

i am so happy and relieved that i’ve finally reached this stage,

for the next month or so, i will no longer feel like i’m living in a cage!

so thank you again, it really means more than i can properly proclaim,

i can’t wait to relax, watch movies, and live a non-student life that’s not so lame!!!



August 26th, 2010

7 fall essentials.

even though the temperatures have been coasting in the 80 and 90’s during the day, it’s hard to resist the temptation for fall! 

with the early morning sunrise and the evening sunsets offering cooler temperatures; coffee to start out the day off right, long walks to conclude an exhausting day…  it’s been a nice welcome as i’ve started this first week.

m.j. asked me to post some of my fall essentials, so while i continue procrastinating from schoolwork, i have given into the temptation of ushering in a little fall fabulosity (p.s. kimora lee has totally given that word a bad rep!)

without further digression, i bring you my 7 fall essentials.  keep in mind i can’t go all hog wild.. i don’t mind stretching the envelope so to speak with most of my campus looks, but i think over the knee red soled boots might be a little much.. even for me!

#1: Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater/tunic/dress. on the mornings of exams or after late nights of excessive writing, i want nothing more than to throw on a sweater, leggings/skinny jeans and tall boots. this is perfection.

#2 Frye boots i bought these boots during the nordy’s anniversary sale for nearly half the price.  as much as i wore my gray frye’s last year (seen here, here, and here), i know these will be a tried and true essential to my everyday chaotic life.

#3 Anthropologie earrings. on dreary days when i’m dressed in grays or blacks, i’ll be adding some color with the help of some danglers….

#4 Joe’s skinny jeans. as much as i adore a good jegging, the quality and fit of Joe’s skinny jeans can’t be beat.  they’re comfortable, classic, and look quite lovely with flats, heels or tucked into tall boots!

#5 the perfect flat. (or close to it!)  these are definitely bright and can bring up the mood in the midst of cooler temperatures, early morning classes, or weekend apple picking.. (if that’s your sort of thing)! i’m usually not a fan of the jessica simpson collection but i do love a good flat (seen here, here, and here)!

#6 Matta scarf.  seriously an essential!  i discovered the matta through emily and maura's blogs and dug right in; i've never looked back.  i've worn it in the fall, in the spring and even in the summer. (i actually bought mine on ebay…bargain shopper, i tell you!)

#7  DKNY plaid sleep shirt.. after a long day of reading, writing, analyzing.. there’s nothing better than craving comfort… and donna karen has delivered just that in a bright and soft plaid design… amen.

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