July 21st, 2014

one year ago, i was unemployed.

today, i found myself inside the Colts complex handing props to Colts Punter and #Boomstick extraordinaire, Pat McAfee.

"they" say a lot can change in a year and without a doubt, i know that to be true.

for a girl who loves her hometown team, i am honored & extremely grateful to be working professionally alongside such great people/athletes.

this evening i told Mama, “i still can’t believe this is my job.

i’ll never take anything for granted— that’s one of many lessons i learned while collecting unemployment & scouring the internet for a job that i would actually enjoy.

it’s gonna be a great season, no doubt in my mind.

July 17th, 2014
  1. If you’re gonna be up on the world’s largest high-definition video display, you’ve gotta attempt a picture, right?
  2. Posing with two of my colleagues in the Cowboys’ star (aka the entrance to the field/exit to the locker room)
  3. Little Dani, so glad she joined our crew this past winter
  4. Troy Aikman. Quarterback extraordinaire.
July 14th, 2014

Friday was our Ice Cream Social downtown where, every half hour, we welcomed a [local] celebrity into each of our six tents to scoop ice cream for the public. 

The event, in its 25th year, raised close to $7000 for the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, and gave me the opportunity to take a picture with Chick McGee from the beloved Bob & Tom radio show.

It was a beautiful day in downtown Indianapolis and marked another successful event on behalf of our local dairy farmers.

July 14th, 2014

daily outfit: the “Bro #1 is another year older" edition.

Saturday night, the whole fam dam headed out to Fleming’s for dinner. We had one goal in mind, celebrate my oldest brother— & celebrate we did. With a feast big enough to rival that of Thanksgiving, we ate, drank & were very merry.

With each birthday in the S household comes a celebratory meal, and our dinner on Saturday night really hit the spot.

Plus, I whipped out this dress from last summer & the design still makes my heart flutter. Can’t go wrong with a pretty simple print.

July 10th, 2014

Welcome to the world Cash Reid!

Ashley welcomed a 9 pound pumpkin into the world Tuesday and Auntie B was there last night to eat a cupcake and celebrate his arrival…& full head of thick brown hair.

July 7th, 2014

daily outfit: the “Summer Saturday" edition.

nothing says summer quite like dinner followed by a stroll to snag ice cream.

which is why, on saturday night, we did just that.

dinner at Meridian followed by ice cream at Graeter’s.

yum yum yum.

thank goodness for the generosity of a peplum top.

July 6th, 2014
July 5th, 2014

because of this, i can’t squat today.

you see, the thing about not training to run (er…jog) six miles is that you naturally expect some amount of sore; however, the thing about not planning to run six miles is that you’re not properly hydrated pre-race & therefore suffer three hours post-finish line.

thank goodness last night’s food truck extravaganza & Rusted Roots concert gave me a reason to grab an NY Slice. down multiple brews & temporarily forget about all other wooziness.

who needs to squat anyway? yesterday was way too good.

June 30th, 2014

Saturday night, i went to a birthday party that took place at the most beautiful barn in all the land.

prior to said party, it had been a solid 7 years since I attended any party near a barn, & i’m pretty sure riding around on a hayrack with kegs & handles of vodka does not actually compare.

so i digress.

i had no idea what to wear on Saturday night.

the weather was hit & miss showers, the humidity level was high & sweating like i’d just finished a work out was not an option.

enter: Vince.

a few weeks ago, when i was on the endless hunt for the perfect white jeans, i spotted this striped maxi beauty.

i knew i was in trouble when i slipped it on & the hem hit the floor— that never happens!

& it was perfect for Saturday night.

it was lightweight, allowed me to wear comfortable summer sandals & even picked up a few compliments along the way.

a great dress & a great date— you can’t go wrong with that.


June 26th, 2014

yesterday was Emel’s 30th birthday & like any great party planner does, she thought ahead as to how she wanted to celebrate— the Handle Bar.

if you drive around the city often enough, it’s hard not to spot one of the mobile bars, & three months ago, Emel decided to reserve one to ring in the new decade.

surrounded by sorority sisters, work friends & those of us who’ve stolen her from mutual friends, we cruised around the city for the better part of two+ hours. 

it was a balmy summer night spent riding up & down the quaint pockets of the circle city.

we had three coolers filled with adult beverages, a driver who didn’t seem to mind the confused playlist of 90s rap & modern day indie, & enough conversation to make the two hours of pedaling fly by.

(during pit stop #3, we even had a random guest appearance from the Pacer’s beloved mascot, Boomer)

it was a great excuse to explore the city, but an even greater reason to soak up the first week of summer [with the help of beer].

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