March 15th, 2014

this morning, our communications team shuffled our way through hundreds of shamrocks.

4 miles later & i could really use a nap.

March 6th, 2014

last night, i set my alarm with the underlying thought that i’d be perfectly fine with not actually waking up to work out.

you see, waking up at 4:15 on Tuesday morning felt totally fine, but waking up yesterday at 7 am felt like a ton of bricks on my body.

this morning, i wasn’t sure what would happen; however, i moseyed out of bed, changed into bright purple running capris & a bright blue tee, & made my way to the treadmill.

after speed-walking for five miles, i opted to finish off with a jog.

a total of nine miles later, i was glad my body woke up against my better judgment.

i often get asked how i work out in the mornings, & besides the forty-five minutes that typically follow, i honestly don’t have a solid answer except i’m much more inclined to work out at 5 am than i am to work out at 6 pm after running around the city for work.

plus, morning endorphins are a great thing, & a good hair day after a solid sweat session doesn’t hurt either!

January 30th, 2014

what’s more entertaining than ending your day on trampolines after sitting through a four-hour values session?

if you would’ve seen these ladies in the trampoline covered warehouse, you’d probably agree…there’s not too much!

after being confined to a small room for several hours, we were all ready good & ready to bust out & get jumping.

& jump we did.

i am so grateful for this crew, & thankful for the opportunities that have come my way because of them.

i’m also trying not to critique my toe-touch form (point those toes & straighten that back, B!), but it’s difficult because it sounds like i won’t be back for another cheerleading (me) & team-bonding (them) session for at least a few weeks.

December 11th, 2013

it’s the calm before the storm of the day—

a forty-five minute period where a keurig brews the most captivating cup of caffeine, a vanilla citrus candle burns near by, matt lauer & savvy g spout off the morning news in the distance, the outfit picked out eight hours prior still magically speaks to the soul, the bed is made and a hair-blow out is the only thing standing between the present and getting to the office on time. 

no matter what happens in the hours that follow, no matter how chaotic, how exceptional, how breathtaking or how disappointing,

that forty-five minutes in the morning is all the motivation i need to rise at 5 a.m. & work out.

October 3rd, 2013

last week, i put away my scale.

during the months of January- April, i reached unhealthy proportions with my eating & working out habits.

this is something people don’t often warn you about when you enter a competition, “excessive working out & counting calories can lead to an obsession causing you to ditch social events so you can work out, look at sweets with disgust, and even, push through pain because you’re so afraid you’ll gain an ounce that you worked so hard to take off.

i know i would have entered the competition regardless of said warning, but trying to look past the effects of those 4 months has been more difficult than i ever imagined. i look back at pictures of myself during that time & know i wasn’t genuinely happy because i was depriving myself of so much on a daily basis- friends, food, family.

last week, i put away the scale because i had become so obsessed with a number. it’s true, i became that girl. if i gained an ounce, i let it throw off my morning. if i lost an ounce, i felt this sense of happiness that should only be felt when something truly happy occurs, not when you de-bloat & happen to see a drop in water weight.

when my hip started bugging me a few week backs, i realized that i hadn’t taken more than 3 days off from working out since January 21st. even in the midst of unemployment, stressful days at work, weekend getaways, etc etc etc, i still found time to work out, & it wasn’t because i wanted to, it was because i felt i had to.

last week, for the first time in 9+ months, i took a solid seven days off from working out. i ate when i felt hungry. i drank all the drinks when i reunited & celebrated with friends. i indulged in wine & sugary goodness when i craved it. i savored every morsel & gave my body a much-needed break.

& this week, i enrolled in a few barre classes because i looked forward to signing up rather than feeling pressure to attend.

balance is a difficult thing to achieve when we (ourselves & outsiders) feel pressure to be, look & act a particular way, but being able to step back & enjoy each day in a new light, that’s one of the best things i’ve done for myself in a long, long time.

last week, i put away the scale…& i think i’m gonna be just fine without it.

July 10th, 2013

if there’s one thing i can appreciate,

it’s being able to go to Pure Barre classes whenever the heck i like.

this morning, bentley & i got up at 7-ish, i enjoyed 2 cups of coffee & then i left her behind as i made my way to lift, tone & burn it out.

up until a month ago, i was always curious to know how busy the morning & mid-day classes were, & now i know, they’re busy—

filled with women of all ages (i’m guessing those both unemployed (oh, hey!) & gainfully employed) just looking to escape their lives & feel their muscles shake.

it’s always a good crew, & i never regret going…

if only i could exit the class looking as refreshed as my arrival.

May 16th, 2013

it’s become a crucial part of my weekly routine, one i never anticipated.

i bought a groupon for Pure Barre last fall, let it expire & thought that was it.

then, the biggest loser competition happened, i called the fine folks at the closest (& only Indiana location) & they kindly offered to accept my 10 class pass.

all it took was one Friday morning commitment & i was hooked.

the whole Lift.Tone.Burn workout is amazing—my legs shake, my core quivers & at the end of every hour-long session, i feel a strong sense of accomplishment.

but it’s more than that.

for one hour, twice a week, Pure Barre allows me the opportunity to step away from the madness of daily tasks, social media dependence & all other self-inflicted stressors.

for sixty minutes, i’m not tempted to unlock my phone & catch up on the lives of others—instead, i focus on me (& my often neglected muscles).

over the course of the past 6 months, i’ve purchased 2 groupons (10 classes each). so for now, i’m utilizing those bad boys. after that, i’ll have to decide whether or not i’ll commit to more—my mind is saying yes, but my budget is saying “holy shit, Pure Barre is expensive!” <—& it is.

in the meantime, if you’re wanting to go on a new fitness adventure or you simply yearn for a reason to set down your phone, i would highly recommend taking advantage of Pure Barre’s “first class free” offer.

i mean, if nothing else, who doesn’t lust after the infamous Pure Barre ledge?

April 30th, 2013

forget the designer duds,

forget the sky high heels,

forget the good hair days.

when it comes to when i feel the best in my currently pale/slightly freckled skin,

it’s post-workout, post-shower, no make-up, frizzy hair twisted up in an old school banana clip, my favorite slouchy sweatpants, a one size too big men’s v-neck tee, nerdtastic glasses & feeling absolutely exhausted from head to toe.

last night, this is how i felt.

as the girls were getting ready for bed & working on homework,

i escaped to their home gym.

i had one of the best sweat sessions i could muster followed by a hot shower & six solid hours of sweet, sweet dreams.

sometimes, it’s nice to forget about all the superficial stuff & instead focus on what truly makes you happy.



April 29th, 2013

if there’s any question about what i missed the most over the last three months, it’s been the ability to bake & actually enjoy the goods.

over the last four days, i’ve easily made up for lost time.

  1. pumpkin bread
  2. orange cinnamon rolls
  3. Magnolia Bakery’s chocolate chip cookies
  4. fudge & chocolate chip brownies

it helps that i’ve been nannying since Thursday night,

& it also helps that i’ve added delicious carbs, sugar & whatever the hell else i want (in moderation) back into my everyday diet.

oh man, don’t ever let me do something like the last three months again!


April 23rd, 2013

the number that showed up on yesterday’s final weigh in scale was the lowest number i’d seen in a few years.

when i was in grad school, i would come back to indy on breaks and mama j would often tell me that i needed to be eating more.

mom, i’m fine,” i’d tell her, but i knew she genuinely cared.

i lost 15 pounds when i was in kansas.

i wasn’t trying to lose weight. i was stressed, not eating enough, always reading, always writing, always on the go, took up running, looked to walks as my saving grace on the weekends, and ended up consequently concerning my mother.

that’s the thing about weight loss, you can take it too far.

over the last three months, i’ve realized just how obsessive working out can become.

as i previously stated, i started involving others in the madness of calories in/calories out, 

my weekend plans revolved around when i could get in those 4 hours of cardio rather than when i could get in those 4 hours of socializing with dear friends.

i’m glad i was able to recognize and begin to rectify my change in behavior before it went too far. 

hard work (and being rewarded for hard work) can feel good, but i truly believe a balance needs to be found.

i received a message from an anonymous person last week accusing me of putting the drastic diet i’ve been on since January into the same basket as a healthy lifestyle change. 

i hope we’re all aware at this point that i do not recommend the drastic measures i took to lose as much weight as i did. 

i would never recommend two-a-days in the middle of a work week, missing family dinners in order to get in a 6 mile run, turning down happy hour drinks because it’d be too many allotted calories, throwing a tantrum because you can’t have baked goods, or having to say no to bridal shower cake because it’s clearly more carbs than protein.

yesterday, after the final weigh in, & after the scale revealed that my weight is lower than it’s been in years, i took some time to think about balance and where to go from here.

and to be honest, i’m not really sure.

i took 24 hours to indulge in foods i’d removed from my diet over the last 90 days.

that was an enjoyable first step (!!!).

i had a piece of Mama J’s homemade blueberry loaf for breakfast, a delicious cupcake from my favorite Flying Cupcake in the afternoon, strawberry shortcake for an appetizer & chocolate chip pancakes for dinner…

my body wasn’t so sure what to do with the sugar shock, but being gluttonous, developing a carb-induced food baby, and not feeling guilty or like i was going to be letting my #fattypatty teammate down was well worth it.

i know it’ll take a minute to get back into a more balanced routine and per usual, i’m up for the challenge!

(picture of Bentley & me during a grad school break in 2010…clearly exhausted.)

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