June 16th, 2013

dear BR,

in my 28 years, i’ve realized many things about you, but most importantly, i’ve realized you’re one of the good guys.

I thank you for being a role model of the man I deserve, a strong example of determination, a man of your word & my prime sounding board for great advice.

also, thank you for my head of hair—it’s some pretty fabulous hair.

I love you, I’m proud of you & I am so grateful you’re my father.

xo, B

June 17th, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to a man who [could &] can grow one helluva beastly handsome beard all while his little girl [would] admirably looks on…

love you pops,


June 19th, 2011

i luv u brooke" were the words he sent from his blackberry just a few hours post-brain surgery in february.

words i had heard time & time again over the last twenty-six years of my life.

this time, it was different.

twelve hours earlier he was put under, removing a golf-ball-sized tumor from his head.

with the fear of not waking up & breathing again behind him, he typed the fourteen characters into his phone & sent them to his daughter stuck in a snow-storm three states away.

to me, his only daughter, it was a day & a moment i never take for granted.

to us, his biggest cheerleaders, it was a day we will never forget.

so today, we spend time with the man who taught us how to persevere when times are rough & unpredictable, how to possess a genuine faith in others, & to never lose sight of what matter most in life- love for family & those who have been there through it all.

happy father’s day, BR. love your face off.

(picture taken October 2009… BR with his girls, Bentley & B)

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