September 24th, 2012

several months ago, i made a dictionary wreath.

i still adore it.

however, now that it’s fall & i’m looking for any excuse to be crafty,

i think i’ve discovered the next great piece…

hello, burlap wreath!

thanks to Heather’s blog, i think i’ll be scheduling in some time to make this beauty before the good ole move-in occurs.

(who doesn’t need a burlap wreath, right? i mean, that bow!)

March 21st, 2012

spring fever @ the office.

whenever holidays are approaching,

it naturally signifies that the time to decorate around the house has arrived.

& apparently,

around the office, the attitude is much the same (!!!).

seeing that yesterday was officially the first day of spring,

today meant craft day.

whenever our little hearts desired,

we could find our personalized butterfly & go to town with glitter paint, fake jewels, feathers, colored sharpies, etc.

this is my end result…

…hairbow & all.

how spring-tastic!

February 15th, 2012

one time (aka this last weekend), i decided it was finally time to make a cute & clever system for organizing/displaying my hair accessories.

enter a trip to Michael’s to swoop up an open-backed frame (50% off!!!), 

a walk down the ribbon aisle to select three different yet coordinating ribbon patterns,

a ruler, a pair of scissors, a staple gun, a package of cup holder hooks, 

& a handy-man to hang the finished product.

overall, this was a very simple project.

the most difficult task was evenly measuring out where the ribbons would be stapled into the frame.


i stapled the vertical ribbons first,

then basket-weaved the horizontal ribbons in next (rotating between over & under).

i am very impressed with the final look, 

& am even more thrilled to have a piece of art that holds my many fro-reducing hair bows & bands!

(click on the pictures to see them full-size)

January 7th, 2012

this morning, mama j & i surprised the girls by taking them to Cookies & Canvas, a local (& somewhat national) business where you sign up, pay a minimal entry fee, & then paint the painting-of-the-day for two hours while you munch on sweet, crunchy cookies.

(don’t have kids to take?  there’s an adult section, too- Wine & Canvas).

i tried to pick a painting that all three girls would enjoy…a snowman in January? perfect.

with a quick stop at bucky’s on the way outta town, 

mama j & i had enough caffeine to make it through a class full of 5-15 year olds & their respective parents/nannies/etc.

after we walked in, picked out our own easels, threw on aprons, & wet our set of paintbrushes, 

we started.

step-by-step, the instructor led the way through our snowman extravaganza.

two hours passed quickly by as we meticulously formed a hat, head, body, eyes, a lightbulb nose, & every other imaginable detail….like a pretty pink hat bow, of course!

the girls had an overall good time (even with the earlier than usual saturday morning wake-up i forced upon them!) & we walked out of class with paintings that Picasso would envy… you know, if he were into that whole cute snowman look.

all in all, i would definitely go again (with or without precious children by my side)…

& i’m pretty sure i heard the youngest say, “i wanna go back next weekend!

i’d call it a Saturday success-a snowmangirl success.

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