August 5th, 2014

when the Food Network comes a’knockin’ you do whatever needs to be done to accommodate their schedule.

an email while we were down in texas led to a few phone calls shortly followed by a film date.

after their crew visited the Dairy Bar last night, they started filming bright & early this morning (6 am call time).

it’s amazing what you’ll discover on fair grounds that early in the morning, let alone what you’ll experience inside a tv filming shortly thereafter.

the crew for the Food Network’s new series, “Carnival Eats” was as kind as they could be.

they had heard about our new Colossal Grilled Cheese (sourdough, 2 slices american cheese, 4 mozzarella sticks, 2 slices american cheese, sourdough) & requested we do one better…

so we did!

this morning, they filmed our Colossal Grilled Cheese 2.0 (sourdough, 3 slices pepperjack, 4 mozzarella sticks, 3 slices colby, sourdough, 3 slices american, 4 mozzarella sticks, 3 slices swiss, sourdough)!

it was a great way to wake up— the smell of grilled cheese dipped in marinara!

oh baby, oh baby.

(photos via INDairy & me )

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July 30th, 2014

lately in baking adventures…

two cookouts & two excuses to fill my kitchen with the scent of sugar.

Tollhouse Break & Bake Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies // bake for 10 minutes & they stay oh, so soft!


Magnolia Bakery “Hello Dolly Bars" // mix everything together (graham crackers, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, butter, pecans) & throw it into a pan to bake. they’re so simple yet so amazingly delicious.


(images via)

July 9th, 2014

i spent my morning on set at the local Fox station helping to promote this Friday’s 25th annual Ice Cream Social.

all proceeds from the gigantic sundae sales benefit the local Girl Scouts of Central Indiana.

for a $3 donation you’ll receive a delicious sundae from a celebrity scooper & can feel good knowing your supply of Girl Scout cookies will never diminish.

(& yes, those are Girl Scout cookie crumbles pictured above)

but seriously, if you live in the area, stop by Monument Circle between 11 am & 2 pm to pick up some ice cream & say hello to your favorite dairy promoters!

July 3rd, 2014

i kicked off the long holiday weekend (& boss-appointed early dismissal) with a classic bacon cheeseburger & beer-battered onion rings from BRU Burger Bar. 

it was sunny, 68 degrees and felt like early fall.

i’m not sure what this weather is all about, but i’m not complaining one bit.

plus, sitting outside on a Thursday afternoon felt a lot like vacation.

man, i love this city (& red meat).


July 2nd, 2014

for under five bucks, this ceramic colander makes me way more excited than it probably should.

June 25th, 2014

Every year, the Dairy Bar at the Indiana State Fair introduces a new milk shake flavor and grilled cheese variety.

This year, in honor of the fair declaring it the “Year of the Coliseum,” we’ve created a Colossal Grilled Cheese (mozzarella cheese stick “columns” sandwiched between american cheese, grilled on sour dough bread) & a Salted Chocolate-Caramel Milkshake.

And even though the fair doesn’t officially start until August 1st, we have entered both of our menu items into the Signature Food contest (voting started on Monday).

So, if either of these selections sound appealing to you, please take a minute to vote & vote & vote & vote!

June 19th, 2014

last night, i made Bakerella’s Chewy Lemon Sugar Cookies.

in Bakerella’s words, “The juice and zest from fresh lemons gives these soft and chewy sugar cookies a refreshing twist that makes a perfect summertime snack.”

& trust me when i tell you, they didn’t disappoint.

they’re light & sweet & everything i wanted last night.

the recipe yields a lot of cookie sandwiches—plenty to share with summertime friends.

June 13th, 2014

this is important: What Wine to Pair with your Pizza.

(Source: twohippiechic)

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May 22nd, 2014

chicken and waffles.

for the last year or so, the Indianapolis Star has been running story after story about Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles.

located in the heart of downtown, this establishment has been recognized over and over again for their delicious cuisine.

when you drive by, you may be fooled by the gas station exterior, but i assure you, this is way more than a convenient coney dog.

a few weeks ago, my dad & Bro #2 dined & their amazing experience has been shared by anyone willing to listen more times than i’d care to count.

yesterday, after the festivities at the Indianapolis Zoo, six of us headed over to Maxine’s to taste what all the hype was about.

naturally, i ordered their most popular item, “Chicken and Waffles” with wings, not tenders— because i was told “there’s no other way to do it.”

vanilla, strawberry, blueberry or sweet potato were my waffle options & i decided the antioxidants of blueberries plus the peaches in their infamous peach butter would counteract all the sugar & fried goodness about to be ingested.

did they live up the hype? well, do you see the size of those wings! of course they did!

they were amazing…every last bite.

i can’t recommend Maxine’s enough.

between the food & the hospitality, it’s one [gas station] stop i’ll definitely make again.

April 21st, 2014

between the rain and the sun and the clouds and the unpredictable breaks, we still headed out to dinner at the Turtle Club— a restaurant recommended ten times over by several Naples tourists/regulars alike.

a month ago i called on a whim for a reservation, as Open Table had them booked through May 9th, and lo & behold, we got a table for 8:15… that’d be right after the scheduled sunset (whomp whomp whomp).

however, always attempting to be the most seemingly optimistic crowd that we can be, we headed to the beach early hoping for a glimpse of the sunset before being seated for dinner.

at 7:45 we checked in with the hostess and found out our table was open early (!), right as the sun appeared for the first time all afternoon/evening (!!!).

we took our place at a table on the sand and marveled at the cotton candy colored skies.

between the salty air & the loving stranger friends taking pictures on pictures on pictures, we couldn’t help but soak in the beauty that is Florida (the chilled Chardonnay didn’t hurt either).

it was the perfect way to start off a very memorable evening.


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