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August 29th, 2014

this little girl.

one week ago, she was having a slumber party at my house,

yesterday, she was headed back to the vet.

broken out in hives, she was absolutely beside herself.

fortunately, some doggy allergy medicine did the trick and now she’s on the mend.

with every day, we are so glad she’s around, 

and yesterday served as a reminder that we need to hug her just a little bit tighter while we can.

August 5th, 2014

this little girl’s boyfriend (my father) is currently in brazil.

while he’s away, she spends her free time (that typically following him around the house) soaking up all the vitamin d she can find.

such an ornery girl.

May 29th, 2014

nine years ago, Mama & i drove up north to Logansport with one goal in mind: pick out a puppy.

we were surrounded by little boys and little girls (all as cute & fluffy as can be) but one little munchkin stood out from all the rest.

with our black & white-spotted girl in tow, we headed back home throwing out potential names for the new pup.

Bro #1 suggested Harley, but it just didn’t fit.

we went several more miles, eventually pulling back into my hometown.

as we drove by my hometown’s Bentley dealership, we said the name out loud & immediately knew it was a match.

throughout the past nine years, we’ve had to adjust to each other’s lives.

she’s seen me through the worst of times & the happiest of times.

she’s been through the worst of times & the happiest of time.

right when we think she’s gonna give up, she uncovers another round of spunk.

i don’t know how much longer our little girl is going to live, but i know one thing is for sure, there has never been a day when she hasn’t been loved &/or shared love with our family.

Happy 9th Birthday, precious girl!

please live forever—my heart will be shattered if you don’t.

March 31st, 2014

every once in a while you need to lounge on a Saturday afternoon while it rains, be in bed by 9 pm on a Sunday night, & allow yourself a Monday to be cranky…even after a solid morning workout. 

here’s to a more upbeat rest of the week…

March 27th, 2014

last Saturday, we took Bentley to have her staples removed.

with one paw back in the door at home, she started showing signs of her old sassy self.

sure, we’re still waiting on a couple culture results, but in the meantime, our girl is acting more “normal” than she’s been in months.

we’re so grateful for this fifteen pound ball of fur, it’s nuts.


March 13th, 2014

i dropped off this little girl for surgery this morning.

after staying overnight at my parent’s house for a solid seven hours of cuddling, 

i feel a little better about it all.

Bentley is very much a family member in our household, 

& after today concludes, 

we hope she makes it to her 9th birthday in May & sticks around for another few after that!

all the puppy prayers, precious.

March 11th, 2014

Bentley’s undergoing surgery on Thursday.

Before surgery, she has to have chest x-rays to check the current condition of her enlarged heart.

At almost 9 years old, homegirl is still a little fighter.

Knowing she’s still very much a puppy at heart, my family collectively decided we’re not quite ready to let her go.

If all goes well pre-op, she’ll be put under, she’ll have a gnarly incision & she’ll have a 10-14 day recovery.

Knowing all this, my co-worker picked Bentley up some “ruffles” to ease the anxiety (read: my stage mom fears).

I love simple, unexpected gestures of kindness.

If you have any good thoughts to spare, please send them our way on Thursday morning.

Bentley & I thank you!

February 17th, 2014

this little girl has weathered one health storm after another, 

& this weekend, it became quite apparent that every day will be pretty touch & go.

considering she was diagnosed with epilepsy 5+ years ago & heart disease 6 months ago…we’re grateful for each & every moment she perks up, snuggles & plays.

hug your animals today. 

i keep telling myself Bentley’s gonna live forever, but this weekend reminded me that’s probably not the case.

February 12th, 2014

it’s no secret, i love my dog, Bentley, & am a big fan of supporting local efforts,

which is why i am happy to tell you all about Petbox, a monthly subscription service that is sure to spoil your pups.

if you’re familiar with Birchbox or Naturebox, than you know how it works.

every month, you pay a flat rate & receive a personalized box filled with wonderful surprises.

Bentley’s Petbox was filled with treats i wouldn’t normally pick out, yet think are brilliant!

my Petbox arrived neatly packaged & contained a chew bone, natural treats, breath “mints,” & even a brush…because every good girl needs her own hair brush.

plus, as an indianapolis native, it’s nice knowing Butler’s beloved Blue is the current spokesdoggy for the service— you can even choose Blue’s Petbox wherein Blue picks out your monthly goodies!

also, for each Petbox sent, they feed a rescue animal!

if you’re like me & love spoiling your pet but don’t always have time to run out for new supplies, give Petbox a shot!

(not a paid endorsement & no referral links, though Petbox did supply Bentley’s box this month! how lovely)

September 26th, 2013
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