August 12th, 2011

a random little story for your friday:

this weekend, we are hosting some of our favorite out-of-town family friends.

their middle daughter, a precious red-headed beauty, has chosen to attend Butler University, home of my former childhood crush/current basketball coach of the Bulldogs, Brad Stevens, this fall.

in lieu of sending a graduation card this last June, i thought we should wait & give her some lovin’ during move-in weekend.

why, you ask?

i thought it would be more fun to drive all over Indianapolis- swooping up carefully selected gift cards to some great random locations (coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries, etc.) that would hopefully make her feel a little more welcome in her new city/home.

my suggestion was accepted.

therefore, this morning, BR & i set out on a very important mission…obtain GCs from some Brooke-approved hot-spots.

here are a few of my faves:

it’s a good start. 

i’m sure i’ll shower her with more GC love as time goes on.

it’s the least i can do.

(picture taken at the Flying Cupcake…it smelled like sugary sweet heaven in there).


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    Red velvet chocolate chip, oh yeah.
  4. missjacobi said: oh so noted. i will need to buy every one of these during SB.
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