July 8th, 2011

dear college me,

  • take advantage of being seventeen & out on your own. even if the confines are less than ideal, you’ll miss the atmosphere, the company & the ability to make the most glorious fro-yo cones between the hours of 11-2 & 5-8 pm M-F.
  • waking up with a hickey the size & color of a red apple will simultaneously set up the best & worst life lesson in regards to potential suitors.
  • showing up at said bastard’s dorm room with your bff in tow at 8 a.m. the morning after hickey obtainment will be one of the best decisions of your life.
  • that boy, the one who “loved” you in high school, he doesn’t really know what love is.
  • take advantage of internships. you’ll regret not having them on your resume when you finish grad. school.
  • your trip to australia, fiji, & new zealand will exceed every expectation ten-fold (& when you attempt to dance [& make faces] like an aborigine, re-think that plan.) (& when you volunteer to milk a cow on stage in front of your 200+ newfound kiwi friends, well, re-think that idea, too!)
  • tell that guy what you really think before it’s too late. you won’t take him seriously when he asks you to move back & marry him if you wait too long.
  • piercing your nose will be short-lived.
  • don’t be scared of the walk of shame. embrace it. get outta that house ASAP.
  • you know that tempting tattoo?…you’ll survive without it.
  • running away to california for a semester will do more harm than good.
  • run away regardless. you’ll learn more in those 4 months out west than you will being depressed in your cracker box of a dorm room.
  • be more blunt. though you might not think it’s possible, ask those questions, state those concerns, & show true emotions for those in which you genuinely care. If you don’t, the next thing you know, it’ll be the week after graduation & you’ll be sad you never approached them..
  • that boy, the one who shows up randomly at your house to do laundry, who calls just to hang out, who charms you with his athletic skills, & who makes you laugh with his oh, so random thoughts- years later he’ll still be just a friend, so stop thinking it can be more!
  • tell mom & dad you love them each & every day. there will be events that occur post-graduation when you’ll be left wondering, “do they know? do they really know?”
  • doing a keg stand directly after a hay-rack ride only sets you up for pure [& unforgettably awesome] embarrassment.
  • visit your relatives when you can-once you leave the state of corn, you won’t see them for days months years.
  • continue your 5:30 a.m. work-outs. in fact, adopt a lifestyle of two-a-days. maybe your legs will actually look more like Carrie Underwood’s & less like tree-trunks in the future!
  • make this time your own. it’s ok to be independently selfish.
  • you’ll only keep in touch with 1/16 of the people you talk to on a day-to-day basis.
  • take advantage of the $140 rent. it’ll never be that low again.
  • keep faith in everything. there will come a time in your life when it seems that’s all you have. spend time every day being thankful for the abundant life you live.
  • call your brothers as often as you can. you’ll never see eye-to-eye on some subjects, but someday you’ll realize that they accept you for you- big bows, quirky eating habits, an irrational attraction to reality t.v. (ahem bachelor…) & all.
  • skip class more often. nobody remembers a perfect attendance…well, except you.



  1. katemarieehmke said: Your posts make me feel like you’re the big sister I never had :)
  2. charliebravo said: i love this, B!
  3. iamtallandawesome said: Lovely :)
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