March 26th, 2013

how do you justify purchasing a literature-themed sweatshirt?

i’ll tell you.

  1. after making your way through grad school, any excuse to represent the literature world seems fitting (pun intended!)
  2. teach a novel for the past year to over 200+ students & use that experience as a rite of passage in acquiring such fabulous threads
  3. purchase said sweatshirt from a company promising to donate a book to those in need of greater literary influence.
  4. you just do it. search, select, pay. done.

Out of Print offers a wide range of literary favorites printed on totes, tees, & even greeting cards.

with every purchase, Out of Print will donate a book to a community in need.

plus, you get to be all hipster-ish & wear around a classic novel for all the world to see… why wouldn’t want to do that? 

(editor’s note: while the pictured image isn’t of yours truly, i think this lady is adorable & i will soon style my sweatshirt in a similar fashion)

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