March 18th, 2013

an update: the good news reveal.

after driving 12 hours back to indy yesterday, i am completely exhausted today.

thankfully, i had already requested today off & am taking full advantage of this catch-up day.

tomorrow, i start transitioning to a new role at work: Editor (!!!).

i got the news 10 minutes before i walked out the door for a mini vacation on Thursday & may or may not have used the promotion as an excuse to down a few more drinks over the weekend (more to come on that soon).

i was in dire need of a change & am so happy that i can finally put my MA to use full-time.

thanks, again, for all the “good luck” & happy thoughts…



(picture taken while crossing into Iowa 03/14/13.)

  1. socorporate said: SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! You’re going to rock in your new job, I just know it!! Let’s go out for drinks to celebrate soon!
  2. reneenicolesays said: congrats lady!!! xo
  3. cocktailsandkettlebells said: Congrats!
  4. lattesandlullabies said: Wahoo!! Congrats!!
  5. champagnetoasts said: yipeeee! Congrats, B!
  6. charliebravo said: congrats, lady! so happy for you. xo
  7. graceinplace said: congrats!!!
  8. glitterandshade said: hooray!!! congrats friend. you DEFINITELY deserve it!
  9. colormecozy said: congratulations brooke, what great news!
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