February 19th, 2013

over the last couple weeks, i’ve been attempting to restore some order back into my life.

i’ve been transitioning from this place of pleasing others into this place of doing what feels right for me.

i’ve had to let go of people, feelings, & weight (figuratively & literally) in order to make room for goodness, light, & happiness.

baby steps, i say…starting with my house.

it’s been almost 4 months since i moved into my house & i’m still getting used to that phrase of it being “my house.”

the more i add in terms of colored accessories & printed pillows, the more the interior is becoming a reflection of me.

last weekend, my family came over to help me cross off some to-dos. one them of being the installation of curtains in my kitchen.

did you really think i’d choose some neutral window treatments when i own a bright pink Kitchen Aid

within minutes of their installation, i was in love.

now, every time i pass them, i smile, & to me, it’s a small reminder of how far i’ve come…a smirk out of nowhere knowing you’ve worked your ass off to make your life better, to improve on the situation at hand, & to have enough patience, while decorating, to wait for the elements that say “those are so Brooke” to every visitor that sees them, too.

i may not have order in my life totally restored just yet, but these simple pleasures in life definitely don’t hurt the process!

(curtains found at West Elm)

(Source: instagram.com)

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