January 27th, 2013

the thing about staying with three girls young ladies between the ages of 12 & 17 is that baking becomes an essential to my low-key sanity.

they request delicious baked goods from the likes of Magnolia Bakery’s cookbook on Thursday nights…


& they request Flapjacks from Williams Sonoma on Sunday mornings.


trust me, i’m not complaining (you see that Wolf oven, right?),

all the baking acts as a true test of my willpower-

& even more reason why the youngest tells me, besides the usual “you’re Khloe because of her attitude & Kourtney because of her looks,” that I’m their favorite babysitter.

(Source: instagram.com)

  1. georgiegirlnyc said: You just answered my question on IG!
  2. wafflesninetythree said: I was saying “damn a wolf oven” even before you mentioned it!
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