October 10th, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, the friendly barista asked for my drink order & then promptly asked for my name.

That’s pretty.” she said, “Is that short from Brooklyn?

Nope, just Brooke,” I replied.

I like it.” she remarked as she poured my grande Blonde.

When I was little, I always wanted a different name-something with more syllables like Jessica or Amanda, I’m not really sure why…

She gave me a look of kindness, agreed with my remarks, handed me my paper cup & commented, “Isn’t that part of the fun of being a child? Always dreaming for something better & more exciting?

After adding a packet of raw sugar and a healthy portion of skim milk, I couldn’t shake the thoughts that flowed as I walked out their swinging glass doors.

Who knew a quick conversation with a stranger-friend could leave you reflecting on life, on what you once wanted, what you currently have, what you still dream of achieving, & what names you’ll give your someday children that they’ll learn to appreciate much like you did your own?

Truth be told, if you could see the number of places in various locations where I once scribbled my name with Crayola’s prettiest colored crayons, you would never guess that I was once dissatisfied with my given name.

& Lord knows, I am more obsessed with the letter B than ever before, but it’s the deeper root of the issue- the yearning for excitement & change & finally being open to unexpected possibilities- that’s the good stuff that I never want to change…

That’s the lesson I wish I would have picked up as a child- stop the planning, stop the wanting of what is never going to be rightfully yours, & live a life that exceeds your expectations yet leaves open the possibility of unplanned greatness. 

Instead, it’s where I’m at today…& for me, that’s a-okay.

  1. socorporate said: I was the same way as a kid! I always wanted a longer (and more American) name. But I’m now quite please with my name and enjoy that I can make my life easier by writing it ML. :)
  2. asitypethis said: growing up I always wanted a different name too. Not that I don’t like the name Brittani, it’s because people would say it wrong. the “I” messes people up.Along with my last name, it would be butchered. Wanted my name to be June, (its my middlename)
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