October 10th, 2012

let’s talk staples- not those of the metal variety but those clothing items that i tend to healthily hoard.

in the winter, it’s down feather parkas.

in the spring, it’s bright & bold printed tunics.

in the summer, it’s light weight sundresses.

& in the fall, it’s skinny jeans/cords, tunic sweaters, pretty dresses worn with tights/leggings, chunky scarves, cashmere anything & everything, etc etc etc.

you see, fall’s my jam.

throughout the year, my closet gets stocked up for the fall. 

& no matter how hard i try, 

the mid-summer months are for daydreaming about my Frye boots, Hue leggings, Matta scarves & the simple comfort found in soft cotton &/or cashmere.

so, a few weeks ago, when i first spotted this adorable striped dress from Old Navy, i immediately put it in my Pocket to re-visit at a later date.

& of course, by the time i got around to it, almost all sizes were sold out online.

however, i stopped in-store the other day & what would you know?

pretty dresses hanging out (pun intended!), just waiting for a home- my home.

i was so excited about my discovery that i may or may not have rescued five different colored dresses.

at $20-25 a dress (& available in all different color options), it seemed like a wonderful way to calm my obsession! 

  1. havealittlefaithinme said: Got one too! Great minds and all…:)
  2. kellykovetskouture said: I don’t know how it missed it last time, but I just installed Pocket! Thanks!
  3. glitterandshade said: I have this in the gray and peach color. It’s real cute! As a matter of fact, so are YOU!
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