October 3rd, 2012

i suppose it was bound to happen.

after spending four nights with some of my absolute favorite friends,

after ingesting more than enough drinks & staying out later than i had in years,

after tailgating & cheering on my beloved Cornhuskers to victory,

after finally having conversations that needed to be had,

after hearing such complimentary words about this life that i have strategically chosen to live,

after laughing so much that my cheeks hurt,

after realizing, once again, that there are certain people that are constantly present in my life for a reason,

after waking up Sunday morning with four hours of sleep under my leopard-printed belt, 

after heading East for nine hours through the cornfields i used to pass multiple times while enrolled in undergrad,

after sipping down a thirty-two ounce diet coke & savoring a caramel apple pop,

after crossing over into Indiana & naturally humming the tune, “Back Home Again in Indiana,”

after glancing over & spotting the beautiful hues of autumn,

i finally realized that fall is upon us.

after getting lost in the hectic work days & the weekends spent perusing the shelves of Homegoods, antiquing for treasures, & counting down the days to move-in,

i finally realized that my favorite time of year is here & with that comes so much natural goodness.

some of my favorite moments are not those produced by designer clothing &/or lusting over jewel-encrusted baubles,

some of my favorite moments happen naturally when surrounded by kindness & genuineness & those exclusive, unplanned yet extremely joyous adventures that arise when looking the other way.

i am choosing to bask in the moments of last week(end) & look forward to the upcoming weeks because i have feeling it’s all gonna be pretty fabulous (!).

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Hi! I'm Brooke. Indianapolis is my home & I welcome you to my little nook. I'm a twenty-something girl who was born in the land of corn (Okl.), attended undergrad in the true Sea of Red (Neb.), & eventually found her way back home again after picking up a couple letters behind her name (Kan.) while clinging to an adorable Maltipoo named Bentley. Thank you for stopping by & please feel free to leave a comment (or ask a question) under the "Be Kind" tab at the top... xo, B
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