September 23rd, 2012

this morning, i woke up to this precious face.

how could it not be a good morning when you look at that mug?

& then, i went downstairs to start our [weekend] morning routine.

it usually consists of the following:

  • start the pot of coffee
  • turn on the morning news
  • feed bentley
  • check gmail
  • take bentley out to get the paper.

this morning, it was different.

items 1-4 went on as usual,

but this morning, it was a chilly forty-some degrees & when bentley was ready to go out to get the paper, i went to grab my jacket & something caught my eye…

the neighbor boys were running down the sidewalk after hand-delivering the Sunday morning news to my front porch.

i opened the door,

grabbed the paper,

& waved at their parents & thanked the young boys.

it only took that one moment to remind me that genuine kindness still exists in this world.

i wasn’t even doubting it,

but this morning, it was unexpected & that’s usually the best kind.

so as Bentley & i go out about the day,

i am grateful for the kindness from our precious neighbor boys,

& also, perhaps more importantly, to their parents who have instilled such a great attribute at such an impressionable age.

  1. littlelaur said: that little face kills me! & kindness like that on a sunday morning is just awesome. definitely starts the week off right! xo
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