September 13th, 2012

happiness is a funny thing, right?

you can be content in life majority of the time,

but feeling that rush of straight happiness-

that genuine, can’t stop smiling about life happiness,

that sh*t is the best.

tonight, after a quick stop at Airtan,

i found myself driving toward the sun,

thinking about life,

about recent events that have filled my heart with joy,

thinking about this coming weekend,

standing by my best friend’s side as her [co] maid of honor,

thinking about the future,

all of the possibilities yet to be uncovered.

happiness is a funny thing,

& damn, does it feel good.

  1. thedailycourtney said: I love everything about this post.
  2. bees-knees said: Gorg. Happiness shows.
  3. boredblogging said: yay! it’s nice to read!
  4. my-quarterlifecrisis said: :)
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