August 27th, 2012

ten years ago today, i started classes at Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska.

growing up in my house, college was never a choice, it was an expectation;

however, the location of where to attend, now that was up to us.

for months & months leading up to high school graduation, i debated on said decision.

i refused to look at any college in the greater Nebraska region because following in my parent’s footsteps did not say independence.

& then, there came the day when it all changed.

BR & i traveled to Hastings on a whim, one week before i needed to make my college choice.

within minutes of arriving onto that wooded campus in the middle of nowhere, i knew that Hastings was exactly where i was supposed to be.

the next four years were filled with unexpected adventures, falling for the unthinkable (& the unexplainable), for creating friendships that have remained intact against many odds, & for various other events that i once wrote about here.

i can vividly recall each & every memory of that first day of classes- the professor(s), the first impressions, the outfit i chose to wear, & even the feelings of nervousness that continue to resurface before big events.

i threw all of my original trepidation out the window when i started my new life on that campus.

& ten years later, i’m still glad with the decisions i made… for the most part.

(pictured: Hastings College, 1965)

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