August 13th, 2012

every time i drive through downtown Indianapolis, I’m reminded of why i like it so much.

it’s nothing profound,

it’s nothing that requires a great deal of contemplation,

it’s a simple thought:

we may not have a lot, but what we’ve got is good

our skyline will never compete with that of NYC &/or Chicago,

we’ll never be the fittest city in the country,

& we’ll never be the most eco-friendly,

but we will always have the spirit of the mid-west,

we’ll have amazing events to attend,

& we’ll have the feeling of home that i experience every time that i drive through downtown.

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    So true
  2. thisismepk said: I worked in Downtown Indy for a year and loved every minute of it! Loved going to the canal for runs loved just walking aimlessly around. I agree with you, it’s a great place :)
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