June 25th, 2012

scenes from a bridal shower: homemade hand-dipped tuxedo (& bridal) strawberries.  these sweet things were not the easiest to make (especially if you try to follow the chemist’s rules of breaking down the sugars in chocolate, tempering, re-heating, etc.); however, the end result of two dozen+ tuxedo-looking strawberries were absolutely perfect for the occasion.  between Mama, me, & a little scientific help from Bro #2 (naturally), we had a good system going. i would attempt to dip, then accidentally drop the strawberries into the chocolate; thus, eventually fish them out of the ninety degree dip. Bro #2 would make sure to keep the chocolate at the correct temp. & Mama, well, she was the true artist, adding buttons & bow-ties to each & every berry. the making of these strawberries resulted in a fun little night-before project & definitely an added flavorful flair to the tablescape!

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