February 15th, 2012

one time (aka this last weekend), i decided it was finally time to make a cute & clever system for organizing/displaying my hair accessories.

enter a trip to Michael’s to swoop up an open-backed frame (50% off!!!), 

a walk down the ribbon aisle to select three different yet coordinating ribbon patterns,

a ruler, a pair of scissors, a staple gun, a package of cup holder hooks, 

& a handy-man to hang the finished product.

overall, this was a very simple project.

the most difficult task was evenly measuring out where the ribbons would be stapled into the frame.


i stapled the vertical ribbons first,

then basket-weaved the horizontal ribbons in next (rotating between over & under).

i am very impressed with the final look, 

& am even more thrilled to have a piece of art that holds my many fro-reducing hair bows & bands!

(click on the pictures to see them full-size)

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