October 10th, 2011

daily outfit: the “what i wore to saturday’s tumblr brunch" edition.

but first, a few bullet points:

  • i was nervous about the day, like i couldn’t get sleep the night before a huge exam nervous
  • i was excited, like jesse spano “i’m so excited” excited
  • i was clueless about what i should wear for the whole first impression portion of the day
  • i was elated that the weather was absolutely perfect
  • i was so pleased when i walked in & immediately spotted my favorites, all together, in one charming location
  • i was sad when one of my faves was sick… boo.
  • i was immediately swept up into a new friendly in-real-life community
  • i was not let down at all by the amazingness of these ladies
  • i was smiling, laughing, & secretly plotting my next visit within the first five minutes of conversation
  • i was oh, so glad i made it to brunch & oh, so comfortable in my chosen duds

this is the only photo that captured my head-to-toe. (thanks for letting me borrow it, em!)

  • Amanda Uprichard tunic
  • Joe’s skinny jeans
  • Nordstrom green woven belt
  • Jimmy Choo silver-toed flats
  1. asitypethis said: that’s so cool you were there too! I would have loved to have come. Haven’t seen Em since her baby shower. and would have loved to meet new tumblr people :)
  2. socalledlife said: Sad I didn’t get to meet you/go. Love the shirt. How tall are you? HA!
  3. my-little-kumquat said: bummed i missed brunch!
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